Zhejiang Yipu Network Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as Yipu Company) is committed to building the EEP brand-China's best chassis component integration service provider, and has been committed to developing into an automotive chassis expert in the domestic market.

Yipu is supervised by Japan's Dongping Industrial Quality System, and provided technical guidance by the Pinghu Auto Parts Inspection Center, Zhejiang University and Tongji University, and also works with SAIC, FAW Group, Dongfeng Honda, Guangzhou Honda, Geely Automobile, Strategic cooperation with Chery Automobile and other supporting factories. Now located in the National Economic Development Zone of Zhejiang Pinghu Japanese Industrial Park, adjacent to Shanghai in the east and Hangzhou in the west, it has a unique geographical location, convenient logistics and radiates the whole country.

Yipu company focuses on the improvement of product quality and the research and development of new products. The design, development and manufacturing are strictly implemented in accordance with the TS16949 automotive quality system process. It also introduces German CZ coordinate, Marr precision measuring equipment, and Japan's Mitutoyo measuring precision instruments. Control quality. At the same time, according to different regions, different climates and road conditions, research and development and production of high-quality products. At present, Yipu has its own brand "EEP". , Covering all passenger car series in the Chinese market, there are about 10,000 models.

Focusing on quality first, we insist on producing the safest chassis components, have the most complete product models, and are committed to building the EEP brand-China's best chassis component integration service provider.

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